MASTER SHEN-LONG | Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 23
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Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 23

[Series of Master Shen-Long expounding on the Prajna Paramita (Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom) Heart Sutra]

(Last week we ended with, “We all know that the minds of the people of this society are all defiled. It is not truly defiled, but rather their minds are dissatisfied.”)

We all can now see the phenomena of this world, where people’s minds are dissatisfied, and therefore they struggle, but also struggle for love, one struggle being dissatisfied within oneself. Secondly, one has not purified which is to say that one’s way of thinking, looking at things, thoughts, sayings, doing and so forth are all too chaotic, and are without a break. This is more troublesome than the outer environment. Some people comment: “The outside environment is so bad, we cannot live and stay”. This is only secondary; the true serious problem is the disordered mind. The mind is afflictive and is unable to get over it.

You ask the one: “For what reason are you unable to understand it?”

You explain all different kinds of theory to him, he will already know it all.

But he says: “I cannot do it. “

This means one has not truly figured it out yet. If you have truly figured it out, it is impossible to not be done, and impossible for you to still have afflictions. Therefore, everyone needs to think over these three layers of meaning representing this condition: you want to attain the condition of having perfect insight of being the master of one’s self, you must learn how to be purified of, this is where the importance lies.

Everyone knows the teaching of the Buddha have 84,000 methods to enlightenment.  Every method is aimed at this problem of the purified mind. Last time I mentioned that currently the best and the most convenient method to enlightenment is chanting “Amitabha”.

Even Christianity also chants the name Lord Jesus Christ; the principle is the same. They teach you to gather all your distracted thoughts and delusional thoughts to concentrate on the name of Buddha and Christ; everyone knows this principle, but the question is whether you can get it done?

If, for 24 hours a day, you can have 10 minutes without delusional thoughts, then your way of thinking and looking at things will change. You play an important role. It is not affiliated with external eating, drinking and being merry, does not connect with your business as being any kind of professional, and does not obstruct your work and social activities; it belongs to Mental Dharma (teaching); therefore, it is called the Heart Sutra. Mental Dharma (teaching)has a condition which you need to practice in the moment of activated mind and arising thought – this is most important.

This activation of mind causes the arising of thought, it is this “thought”.

We feel very tired today, think, why do we get tired?

95% of your physical capability is consumed by your delusional thoughts, is this right?

If you got up this morning with peace in mind, live life in a regular pattern, you are unlikely to have delusional thought. You sleep well, eat well; and whether you eat more quantity or less quantity, it is unhindered, and whether you are fat or slim, it is unhindered.

Why? You are playing along in accordance with the surrounding conditions, staying together with people is neither serious nor with attachment.

Everyone has had this kind of experience. You have attachment and then you take something to heart, and then you will be angry with others.  You need to be relaxed – need to be relaxed everywhere, on top of chanting Amitabha; do not just sit there and have delusional thoughts. While chanting Amitabha, chant clearly each verse, then your mind will not be disorderly, this is a useful method.

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我們現在都可以看到這個世間的現象,他的內心不平,他要鬥爭,他還要鬥愛,自已跟自己鬥不平。他不淨,就是他的內心 – 想法、看法、思想、說法、做法,太雜亂,沒有一刻是停止的,這個比外面環境麻煩。有的人說外面環境很壞,我們活不下、耽不下,這到其次;真正嚴重是內心亂。內心難受,想不通為什麼?














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