MASTER SHEN-LONG | Life and Death is Like an Illusion
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Life and Death is Like an Illusion

God of Longevity assumed in human appearance

God of Longevity assuming human appearance

One day an enlightened one lost his way in the mountains and reached the state of starvation and freezing. There was no strategic attempt left in such a life and death situation. Owing to his recollection of Shakyamuni Buddha’s teaching, he settled the mind and took a seat, at once he felt body become lighter and unperturbed, where everything was the absence of inherent existence entirely. Only then were his misleading thoughts wiped out, and in the twinkling of an eye his omniscience penetrative ability saw his inherent pure self-nature. In that moment he let go of his mortal flesh, and directly entered the condition of nirvana.

Master Shen-Long praises:

Life or death is as swift as a thought, no need to be strongly attached to it;

Knowing there is not a single thing originally, at once your Dharma Body ( the mind of the Buddha) revives.