MASTER SHEN-LONG | Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 16
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Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 16

[Series of Master Shen-Long expounding on the Prajna Paramita (Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom) Heart Sutra]

I have continuously talked from the beginning of this chapter until now about having “no fluctuations” as like having a motionless mind, this state of being “motionless”, everyone please by all means do not misunderstand, it does not mean to act as a dead person or as a blockheaded person. I have said many times, it is when you are not influenced and confused by outside phenomena. The greatest problem of our humanity is precisely that we are confused; we are confused by sentiment, environment, and self-illusion which then creates an unreal phenomenon that lets oneself to be reincarnated, lets oneself enjoy, and lets oneself suffer. If you want to stop this phenomenon, then I need to advise everyone besides exploring and study through deep meditation as Dhyana (Zen) Buddhism, or cultivation in the way of Esoteric Buddhism; you should chant Amitabha.

The past few hundred years’ people mistake the method of “chanting Amitabha” as a method for old folks to practice, or for uneducated folks who are the hopeless ones, let them go at that, and we tell them to chant Amitabha.

What is the condition of chanting Amitabha? Nobody knows.

Where do they go? No one knows.

What is the theory and doctrine of it? No one knows.

This is the biggest problem. Especially in current society, people still do not understand this method of chanting Amitabha.

Why? They do it with lack of understanding and by being superstitious.

I walked down many of these paths myself in the past; I was in contact with Esoteric Buddhism, Dhyana (Zen) Buddhism, and Pure Land Buddhism, and others like Catholicism and Christianity. I discovered a phenomenon where people are all superstitious, and they follow the masses and repeat what everyone says.

I constantly encounter many people who tell me: “Buddhism is very good.”

But when you ask them what is so good about it? They cannot explain.

Other people say Buddhism is a superstition, but when you ask them how is it superstition? One answers and says that they worship idols or other things, and still cannot explain clearly at all.

Therefore, may I offer a bit of advice for everyone, if you truly want to change your body and mind, you ought to become familiar with the teachings of the Buddha. After all, what is the Buddha teaching?

Because Prajna (wisdom) is the core of Buddha teaching, after you understand Prajna, then you will naturally have full access to the Buddha teaching. After understanding the Buddha teaching, then your Prajna is much easier to access.

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你看我從剛剛講到現在,我一直在講「不波動」- 心不動。這個不動。大家千萬不要誤會它,不是死人、木頭人在那裡。我也講過好幾遍,就是不為所動,不為所迷。我們人最大問題就從是「迷」。迷在情感,迷在環境,迷在自己的幻覺;然後造一個假相讓自己去投生,讓自己去享受,讓自己去痛苦。你如果要終止這個現象,那我要勸各位參禪、修密以外,念佛。














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