MASTER SHEN-LONG | Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 33
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Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 33

[Series of Master Shen-Long expounding on the Prajna Paramita (Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom) Heart Sutra]

(Last week we ended with, “What is Divine vision? His eyes have not been defiled, and some of the condition in his head has not been defiled.”

We constantly hear how in our society many people with supernatural ability, and of course there are many fake ones, and of course some are real.

The so-called real ones are what? The real ones precisely have this ability.

Acting in accordance with their own statement, some abilities are inherent and innate, some are acquired from seated meditation, or from life energy cultivation (involves moving meditation, coordinating slow flowing movements, and calm meditative state of mind), or exercising in other methods. It is possible that this ability can be honestly attained by using methods to recover a certain extent of abilities.

Once, many people went to listen to the Sutra explaining of a Master, and within the group there was a US pilot who was shot down during the Vietnam War by a machine gun, whose whole body hurt with bullet wounds. He ran to a Temple, and the old Master there was very merciful and kept him there, so the communist party of Vietnam could not find him. After he recovered, he learned seated meditation from the venerable Monk and recovered his supernatural ability of the Divine Eye.

This person went to listen to the Buddhist Master explaining the Sutra, and each time before the explaining started his eyes were open and he chatted with everyone, but as soon as the Sutra explaining started he would shut his eyes.  People around him thought that this was strange.

After a while one of them asked him: “Why do you close your eyes during Sutra explaining?”

He replied: “I close my eyes to enjoy the Buddha light. A Master who has enlightened into the Buddha-truth who explains Sutra and light emits. Because I have this ability, I can see it. “

This kind of thing cannot deceive people. Even illuminating through the pictures and everyone can see it. We look at the picture of the venerable lay practitioner Xia, Lian-Ju: his body and mind are transparent and without any defilement. This photo has aged from people making so many copies, originally behind his head and under his feet with light emissions; but you can still see that the original photo shows light emission. Before, the photo of Patriarch Yin-Guang is the same way. All of them showed a transparent body and mind.

Why? They do not have afflictions.

Let us talk more, seem like many old women have not read the book also have a transparent body. We have seen this in the central region of Taiwan there are many like that. They are all common people including old men and old women, and nothing special to look at. But when we see them, we are very respectful towards them, and Buddha Bodhisattva all pay homage to them.

Why? Their minds have been purified without a hint of defilement.

The common person only sees the external face, but Buddha Bodhisattva and spirit ghosts see them with respect. There are many examples like this.

Why? His person has a purified mind with compassion and mercy. Any matters one will not grab tightly in hand, like money, houses, cars, son and daughters, grand kids, nothing is put in the mind and will let go of all completely. Therefore, the ghost spirit sees one, and not only respects one but also helps. Examples like these are too many because everyone has different natural affinities, everyone comes into different contact and do not talk about these kinds of things.

I remember before there was an experienced cultivator and she said that when she practices true cultivation, her hand is transparent. When sunlight shines on it, it is transparent.  She is a modern generation, no one asked her, and she spoke out about it herself. She said: “The so-called master hand in cultivation practice, they are truly transparent.” Because themselves have this experience.  For instance, she said: “Her master’s whole body is transparent.”

What is the meaning of transparent? It means the cells of one’s mind is without metabolism, expressing there isno exist of creation (rising) and extinction (perishing). In modern language, it is without life and death. The assemblages of cell ions are images of light entirely. Ours are vague flesh and blood bodies, it is our delusional thought and attachment have let it turns into materiality. Therefore, regarding the word “death”, we avoid it as taboo and it is an extreme weight inside our mind.

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他說:「我閉起來享受佛光,真正得道的人講經,是有光的。我有這  個能力,所以我看的到。」









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