MASTER SHEN-LONG | Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 28
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Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 28

[Series of Master Shen-Long expounding on the Prajna Paramita (Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom) Heart Sutra]

(Last week we ended with Buddhism mentions the phrase “cannot talk”; it does not mean that something cannot be said, rather there is no way to describe with words. It is no way to describe the function of your pure fundamental essence.)

All of you need to think about this.

If you let go of your life and death, what do you need to do? You need to open your breadth of mind.

People without an open breadth of mind, no matter how one practices, it does not work.

Why? A person with a narrow breadth of mind has two situations: one is certainly to have sickness. Secondly, in the future one will end up in a not so good place.

Why?  Narrow people go to a narrow place. An open people naturally enters the whole wide world; a world with brightness. Therefore, to be narrow is only one problem, one cannot let go of materiality. This materiality includes one’s physical body.

Someone says: “My back is sore and has been aching all day long; there is no medicine   that can cure it.”

You ask them: “What kind of sickness do you have?”

One is unable to get the words out.

Why? One’s mind has never been relaxed.

You ask them: “Do you think?”

They reply: “No.”

Why? His unenlightened conditions are too serious, and already it cannot be controlled by himself.

If you use the basis of Samadhi (the internal state of tranquility) to view it, all the spaces in this person’s head are packed tightly. It is just like an air filter that has not been cleaned; it is stuffed full and needs to be changed to a new one.

Then you might say that the machine is still running, right?

So why is it still running if it needs to replace? I am telling you that this is a forewarning before it breaks. One keeps on running for a while and it will probably get damaged.

We all know that when kitchen ventilators stop working efficiently and are unable to rid the kitchen of the smell of cooking, they still technically run. But I am telling you, it is already packed tightly with greasy oil, and while the motor is still there, it does not function effectively. Our brain is the same way; a person with a narrow breadth of mind is more like the kitchen ventilator completely covered with grease – this is the reason.

However, they will be defensive and say: “It is alright, I am still alive and running.”

It is right that you are still running but you do not function, which is precisely called “living in a daze”.  The more serious ones are like a “walking corpse”, numb to everything. I have encountered a friend here who was about fifty years of old.

When we met for the first time, he asked me: “Look at me, what should I do in this life? I have already done everything.”

This person was not joking; he was very seriously asking this question and he wanted to find an answer. I did not speak right away, and I then said: “I am hungry and need to eat something.”

After we finished eating, we chatted freely the whole afternoon and did not talk about any serious matters until the evening, when he still awaited my answer.

I then asked him: “From a moment ago, until now, what kind of feeling do you have?”

He replied: “Nothing, living life completely lacks any meaning.”

I said: “That is true; since living life completely lacks meaning, have you considered whether you should change the filter inside your spirit (soul)?”

He asked: “What kind of filter?”

I said: “For all your life you have been wallowing in the world of materiality, the money you made can last you more than ten generations, and besides this you have nothing.”

After he heard me say this, he was in a state between laughter and tears because his life already reached the peak as to what he had aimed to attain, so then what should he do for the rest of his life? He idles his time away.

This person also has good merit, and he does not act recklessly and has no interest in anything else but making money. Thus, he has made so much that he is numb to making money and he does not want to make it anymore. The amount of his money making is calculated by seconds, as in how much money per second can be made. Therefore, all of you need to think about his situation; honestly all of us are this way, only today we have not achieved our goal yet. This goal itself is telling you without end. Unfortunately for him, he has already reached its end; he is approximately 49 or 50 years old and he has reached it. This is the blessed reward from his previous lives, however, this person’s breadth of mind does not launch any function.

Why? It is because he does not understand and has not developed himself spiritually, and he is without a spiritual nature.

What is spiritual nature? It is lumped into your spirituality, no demand spirituality, you are delightful and happy spiritually; all of this cannot be bought by money. Spending money to buy, it’s good for nothing; and even if you wanted to buy it you would be unable to.

Money – do we need it? It is to follow one’s natural affinity. You cannot demand it. The more you demand, the more you suffer.

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我們認識第一次見面時,他問我:「你看我這一生該做什麼?我什麼  都做完了。」

這個人不是開玩笑,他是很認真的。他希望得到一個解答。我當時沒  講話,我就說:「肚子餓了要吃東西。」

吃完了以後,下午談談說說,沒事到了晚上,他還在等我這個答案。  我就跟他講:「你從剛剛到現在,你有什麼感覺?」


我說:「那就對了,即然生活毫無意義,你要想一想你這個心靈裡的  過濾器要不要換?」


我說:「你一輩子都在物質世界打滾,你的錢十輩子都用不完,你除  了這個以外,一無所有。」







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