MASTER SHEN-LONG | Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 73
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Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 73

[Series of Master Shen-Long expounding on the Prajna Paramita (Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom) Heart Sutra]

(Last week we ended with, “What is the Heart Sutra? It is when you do not have heart (mind) then you have succeeded. In fact, there is no need to spend a lot of effort, you merely need to have perfect insight of being master of one’s-self then this settles the account once for all.”)

Buddhism states that there are two kinds of people who can become Buddha: one who has never made a mistake, where we cannot become because it is for an unusual person; the other kind is one who has made mistakes but can make corrections.

Every one of us has made mistakes; where do mistakes come from? It is from not seeing clearly and thus, greedy thought arises.

Can we correct it? Yes, making corrections equal not having made the mistake.

Because once you correct it, then you can keep one away from inverted views and delusions.Otherwise inverted views,regarding illusion as reality, will constantly function. As it continues to function therefore, delusions will follow and initiate. If your concept is crystal clear in understanding, delusions disappears and does not come out.

For some people, when their stock prices rise, they experience delusions; when the stock prices drop, they also experience delusions. But it is two different kinds of delusions; one is a good delusion, the other is an unrestful delusion. So various age groups have different kinds of delusions. This delusion is the unrestful source of this life.

Each of you, do not be mistaken; this delusion is different from the planning of one. People state in this life the need to aspire, have good planning, and vitality; this is correct.

Regarding vitality, aspiration and planning; what base is to be used is the question? Using no hindrance in one’s mind is the base. If you have hindrance in your mind, it is impossible for you to achieve your goals and your aspirations.

What is omnipotent? A person who can control one’s own life is omnipotent.

We are learning to become Buddha; you ought to ask yourself sincerely whether you can control your life?

To control, precisely shows that one does not panic or fear. When one does not panic orfear,then there isnohindrance in one’s mind. When there is nohindrance in one’s mind then one does not panic orfear; they mutually interact as the cause and effect. You truly need to think thoroughly about resolving your worries and concerns; if you cannot resolve it, put it aside then it will be resolved.

The ancients have several sayings:

The descendants can take care of themselves when they grow up.

God of heavens treats all kinds of living things fairly, as every grass has equal    distribution of one dot of dew, no more, no less.

A piece of sky above everyone.

This is truly correct, if everyone brought out one’s innate qualities to function, then that would be enough. If you are truly making an all-out effort to bring out these innate qualities, then you might start to experience for yourself that these worries, concerns, delusion are unnecessary.

Therefore, has one attained supreme perfect enlightenment status? No.

Because you are supreme perfect enlightenment inherently. You originally have Buddha-nature. Now it merely is removing the impurities in your Buddha-nature to let the original Buddha-nature become pure and bright completely. Does this resolve it all?

Although everyone has habits, it is unnecessary to feel unwell about these habits, such as I have heavy habits, or I have severe karmic impediment, and so forth. That is all deception; it is a dream. When you are dealing with all living beings, it is simple – be respectful but keep at a respectful distance. Other people keep a respectful distance to ghost spirits or keep a respectful distance to petty mind ones (small-minded individuals). Speaking frankly, you need to respect everyone but keep them at a respectful distance.

Why? You respect them, but you keep a respectful distance from them; this way you will not generate any gossip or quarrels.

In relationships between men and women, there will only exist morality and justice, no affection or sentiment. Ancient people regarded this standard of society clearly. Confucianism is precisely Buddhism; the ghost spirit is the condition of our soul. Confucianism talks about:

Respect the ghost spirit and keep it at a respectful distance.

It does not mean to stay away from them, rather it is for you not to have hindrance about them. With regards to a person is also the same way, either to a gentleman or a petty-minded man, in any case both are not persons. If you treat them as a person, then you feel unwell.

The Chinese word “人-person” has two slanting downward strokes representing a person who will have “gain or loss”, or “right or wrong, virtue or evil, beauty or ugliness, good or bad”. In any case, one is not a person but an object of carbohydrates, then you will feel relieved. Y

You already are nothing can belay hold ofanymore. In that case, nothing can lay behold of is precisely no hindrance in one’s mind;this is the focal point.

You only can save a person’s wisdom life, and this so-called “wisdom life” is the condition of enlightenment. Therefore:

A bodhisattva mind is like the tranquil moon, who constantly roams in the state of no phenomenon all in all; they come to save the “wisdom life” of all living beings.

To reimburse the debts of numerous existence of world-periods, expresses they are into the dream of all living beings.

Being vast and might like the spring breeze, they also do not have attachment.

This is truly what we need to learn from them.

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我們對於人也是一樣,君子也好,小人也好,反正都不是人。你要把他當成人,你就難受。 人字兩撇,代表人都有得失,是非,善惡,美醜,好壞,反正他不是人,他是碳水化合物,你就心安了,你就再也「無所得」了。那「無所得」就「心無罣礙」,這個著眼點就在這裡。


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