MASTER SHEN-LONG | Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 53
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Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 53

[Series of Master Shen-Long expounding on the Prajna Paramita (Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom) Heart Sutra]

(Last week we ended with, “What you have seen is the unreal phenomena of him.”)

Therefore, a person has entered the state of Samadhi (the highest meditation level of the mind unmoved and undisturbed), and their scope of living is unfettered and is being the master of oneself.

Why? He sees that all people’s ideas result in making life difficult for oneself.

These annoy afflictions incessantly revolve inside your head. Your life span is also the same as your afflictions. How heavy your afflictions are, the condition of your life span will be how heavy. This so-called “heavy” means bearing a heavy burden.

We have often heard that “when a person comes across a happy occasion, one’s spirit is cheerful”.

Why? He has followed his heart’s desires and he gets what he pleases.

If he gets his desires, why does he feel cheerful? He feels relaxed and has no hindrance.

The time of this feeling is very short moreover, this is hard to seize even himself is also out of control. For instance, if this year you bought a good camera, a good car, or a good house, then your frame of mind will be different, and your whole strength will focus on this for maybe three to five days. Some people take slightly longer like one to two months. If one can prolong it even further, this person is different. If you can prolong it your whole life with feelings of being non-agitated and non-bored, then there are two situations: one, you are overly attached, and the other is that you have thought it thoroughly and have no more desire.

Looking externally, you are unable to tell. You say whatever kind of indulgence you have, or whatever sort of inner sustenance you have, and even from those aspects it cannot be detected. This is very important, so the none existence of the realm of eyes expresses that you have no attachment to phenomena seen by your physical vision. If you no longer have attachment, then you would not have what we have just mentioned those afflictions; precisely that all that is seen by your eyes does not bother you.

The six roots (sense of organs) of eyes, ears, noise, tongue, body and mind, are the same also, and fundamentally do not exist; if you have attachment then they exist. They have functions such as how the ear can hear sound, and we all like to hear good sounds, however everyone’s standards are different. Each one states: this sound is good, that sound is good, or this is not a good sound, that is not a good sound; the reason is the same as the preceding none existence of realm of eyes just mentioned, precisely it is the extent of your attachment. Therefore, the rest may be deduced by analogy, to the extent that mind and consciousness also do not exist.

What kind of mind do we use currently? It is the three minds with two consciousness. The three minds are the past mind, present mind and future mind; and the two consciousness are the Monas (the seventh) of attachment and the sixth consciousness of delusion.

These three minds and two consciousness can be very troublesome, especially when one gets busy and does not feel it. For instance: currently if you are not busy, you start thinking about the past, present, or the future. After you have finished these thoughts then your attachment starts, and this is unpleasant, it is annoying. When having the thought that is happy and then that is not bad. The 7th consciousness – Monas consciousness starts the attachment, and the 6th consciousness starts the delusion; these two pull all this information into the filing system – the 8th consciousness which is the Alaya consciousness, the memory bank in our heads. This memory bank not only records this life term; it has memorized all your infinite lives. If your faculty of memory ever recovers, you will see what you have done in your past lives – all that has been recorded is crystal clear. I have also encountered this kind of person who has complete clarity of all one’s previous lives of infinite existence of world periods. If your mind has recovered full purification of defiling illusion, then you are completely clear for infinite existence of world-periods. This cannot be done through your imagination.

Buddha Bodhisattva regards their past, either good deeds or bad deeds, with full clarity.

How clear is their clarity? Just like us now, as you look at me, I look at you, we are visible before the eyes. They do not see it from illusion. Our life is illusion, but their life is not; what they see is the illusion within an illusion.

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我們現在用的是什麼「心」?三心二意 – 現在心,過去心,未來心;二意:末那識執著,第六意識幻想。

這個三心二意也很麻煩。一個人忙的時候不覺得,譬如說:你現在沒有事,就開始想,想一想過去,想一想現在,想一想未來,想完了你就開始執著它。這個不愉快,那個討厭。一想那個快樂,那個不錯。末那識 – 第七意識它執著,第六意識 – 幻想,這兩個東西收入檔案;就到第八阿賴耶識 -我們講腦筋的記憶體。我們這個記憶體,不僅是這一世,無量世的記憶全部記住。如果你的記憶力恢復,你會看見你過去生所做一切,全部都記住清清楚楚。我也踫過這樣的人,他前生完全清楚,前身的前身他更清楚,幾乎是無量劫。如果你的心恢復清淨,無量劫你都很清楚,這個不是你想像的。



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