MASTER SHEN-LONG | Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 62
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Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 62

[Series of Master Shen-Long expounding on the Prajna Paramita (Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom) Heart Sutra]

(Last week we ended with, “We talked about this before, in dreams there exists “birth, aging, sickness and death”, the unenlightened condition, “eyes, ears, noise, tongue, body, mind”, and “sight, sound, scent-smell, taste, ideas”. But if you realize it is unreal during your dream, then I congratulate you that you have succeeded.”)

We have dream experiences; some people dream about forces of evil like ghosts and goblins or saw in a dream that a tiger wants to eat you and you were so scared and was sweating all over. A person with this way of clear thinking and if they know the dream is unreal, then one awakes from it. This life of ours is just like a dream, long but very fast.

Looking at the Heavens of the Thirty-Three (Trayastrimsas) described in the Buddhist Sutra like the Heaven of Jesus Christ and the Jade Emperor (referred to in Chinese as the one who rules Heaven and Earth). One day there is equivalent to 100 years here. We are here for a whole life that is not even 100 years which is very difficult. Granted you could live a full 100 years, but it is merely one day in their Heaven.

Therefore, with regards to space and time, the difference is infinite and boundless. The attachment is also different. The higher the level, the lighter the concept of time and space. Last time we talked about the “Heaven of Neither-Perception nor Non-perception”, the highest Heaven or the 28th tier as the top Heaven of the Formless Realm. One day there remarkably is 80,000 existences of world-periods (kalpas). One existence of a world-period (kalpas) is 1,344 million years here multiplied by 80,000. This illustrates the number where month, year, and time can be calculated.  The number of days from the Buddha’s vision, as eyes of the enlightened one, is an instant. This kind of an instant feeling is just like when you concentrate on something, and suddenly time and space has been forgotten until the moment you become aware of it wondering how come time flew by so quickly.

Many people on one’s 80th birthday, turnover in one’s mind: 80 years have gone by in a flash, in a few years one will enter the coffin; this is what one is thinking.

Buddha Bodhisattva do not think this way: Eighty years as if an illusion, selflessness is the sincerest.

While one’s sincerity to the utmost becomes selflessness.

Therefore, other people say:

Tathagata is for infinite existence of world-periods as if having illusory dream, after all predestined affinities ended, originally there is no one there.

Infinite existence of world-periods, infinite time is a pipe dream.

After all predestined affinities ended, as that disappearing state, that creation (beginning) and extinction (ending) state of all and every requirement, basically there is no person.

Just like our cells which goes through a metabolic process daily, can you control it? No, you cannot.

From birth we are destined to have death. This process, to tell you the truth, no one can escape. That is because: You are using the three minds (past, present, future) and the two consciousness (discrimination and attachment).

If you now use the mind of no aging and death, and also no ending of aging and death; then I congratulate you; that is truly called:

In dreams there is undoubtedly six realms of reincarnation, and after one enlightened then the whole universe exists nothing.

I say repeatedly these few sentences to remind everyone:  In future when conducting yourself and handling things, you should not use this secular concept of “gain and loss”. If you use this kind of concept, then you will suffer unspeakably.

Why? You affect by gain and loss, also live injustice and pointless for your life.

Why not be disillusioned with everything and let go of all to live your life?

Even if you cannot attain supreme enlightenment, at least you will live pleasantly. To be disillusioned with everything is to see clearly the facts of life in the universe, all phenomena are the assembling of ions, atoms, and electrons. Letting go of all is to take to heart the handling all matters without pressure. Therefore, the basic concept of being disillusioned with everything and letting go is to have the mind be carefree and without worries. If you have worries, then you are making life difficult for yourself.

Why? The time is already too short. Eating, drinking and going to the toilet has already occupied approximately half of this whole life, not including lying down in bed to sleep. True living in this life is not even one-third of the time and within this, one-third there are unpleasant days and muddleheaded days; truly satisfactory and happy days are not that many. Happy days also have many different tiers, so a truly happy day in life is only a few minutes. You spend your whole life with this attachment concept for only a few minutes of happiness, you have not treated yourself worthwhile.

If from now on you start to come around and let go of the concept of time and space now, then you are entering the phase of no aging and death. Afterwards, you further enter a kind of no ending of aging and death, where even this thought of no aging and death does not exist.

From just a moment ago until now, we only talked about this creation (rising) and extinction (falling).  Previously we talked about non-creation (beginning) and non-extinction (ending) of all phenomena; this time we talk about “creation and extinction”, does it exist? No, it does not exist.

Even non-creation and non-extinction does not exist as nothing having been created nothing can be destroyed, where is the creation and extinction?

All this is for the convenience of language. Therefore, Buddha explains the Sutra using a lot of terminology.

Why? For the purposes of letting you to not have attachment. It is for this kind of ingenious function.

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>>Click here to read the full series of Master Shen-Long expounding on Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra