MASTER SHEN-LONG | Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Preface
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Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Preface

This Heart Sutra is the essence of Prajna; it is the amazing method of Buddha teaching. If one can understand the profound meaning within, that person is a Buddha Bodhisattva.

Here I explain publicly was the scripture translated by the Great Master Xuan-Zang玄奘, really a reliable book of concise and easy to understand. Readers can experience and appreciate it delicately in every case, to understand what is implied, surely there are unimaginable spots let one becomes enlightened, or one may verify personally into the reality of truth as illusory nature of all existence and attain the sphere of “there is not a single thing originally”, to have enlightenment in perfection in an instant.

Presently it is extremely cold at the end of the year, the time when mountain ranges all are covered by snow, holding a red clay burner in a bamboo cage, to heat up my original true enlightened mind-spirits, just to write this preface to input my utter sincerity.  Only wishing the crowd who has seen my teaching materials, all can return to the omniscient wisdom sea of Tathagata (Buddha), and to live in one’s self-nature eternal tranquil light. Up until then, all living beings and Buddha can seal their mouths, the purified mind in its nature state universe is completely integrated and would not it be free of all Buddha’s fundamental intention entirely, all would then be perfectly!


Through and through nothing exists originally, all in all is no phenomenon to everyone’s delight and satisfaction.

All ought to know chanting Amitabha Paramita, that is the wonderful Heart Sutra of all Buddha.

Shen-Long praises respectfully

Year of Auspicious


Gatha of Opening the Sutra

This Unsurpassed, profound and inconceivable teaching,
It is hard to encounter for billions existence of world-periods;
I now have seen and learned by study to accept and upholds,
With my earnest vow to understand the Tathagata’s (Buddha) true meaning.


The Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra   

To have perfect insight of being master of one’s self Bodhisattva (like the status of Guan-Yin Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara) while practicing the profound Prajna Paramita initiates his omniscient penetrative ability with crystal clear perception that the nature of Five Skandhas (the five composition elements of our existence as – all materialistic phenomena, the feeling towards all materialistic phenomena, thinking starts from the feeling, the mental formation from thinking continuously, and consciousness) are the absence of inherent existence. Crossing all the obstruction caused by suffering and misfortune.

Listen Shariputra: all materialistic phenomena are not different from no phenomenon as the impermanent existence nature; no phenomenon is not different from all materialistic phenomena. All materialistic phenomena that is no phenomenon as the impermanent existence nature; no phenomenon is all materialistic phenomena. The same is true with feeling, thinking, mental formations and consciousness.

Shariputra, all the universe phenomena exist the impermanent existence nature characteristics. It is non-creation and non-extinction, non-impure and non-pure, non- increase and non-decrease. Hence, within no phenomena as the impermanent existence nature there is no materialistic phenomena; no feeling, thinking, mental formations, and consciousness. No eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind; no sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touch, and all illusory phenomena. No existence of the realms of the eyes, up to and including no existence of the realms of consciousness. No existence of the unenlightened condition, also no ending of the unenlightened conditions; up to and including no aging and death, also no ending of aging and death. There is no suffering, no cause of suffering, no cessation the suffering, and no way to nirvana. There is no wisdom, and nothing can be lay hold of. Because nothing can lay hold of, the Bodhisattva through reliance on Prajna Paramita (perfection of transcendent wisdom) hence to have no hindrance in one’s mind. There is no hindrance in mind hence one is not panic and fear, keeps cognitive distortion, dream and imagination far beyond. To enter Nirvana thoroughly (the imperturbable stillness of mind after the fires of greed, hatred, and delusion have been finally extinguished). All Buddha of past, present and future, through reliance on Prajna Paramita, hence attain Anuttara-Samyak-Sambodhi (the supreme perfect enlightenment). Hence, they know that Prajna Paramita (perfection of transcendent wisdom) is a Mantra of Great Inconceivableness, a Great Bright Mantra, a Supreme Mantra, an Unequalled Mantra. It can relieve all sufferings.  It is true and not false. Hence the Mantra of Prajna Paramita was spoken. Recite it like this: Gaté Gaté Paragaté Parasamgaté, Bodhi Savaha!

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夫心經乃般若之精要, 佛法之妙門也! 若能解得此中玄義, 即是佛菩薩矣!

玆吾所宣講者乃玄奘大師所譯之經卷, 實簡明易解之善本也! 讀者但細細品之, 心心會之, 必有不可思議之悟處, 或可親入實際理地, 得無所得, 於剎那中圓滿菩提矣!

今歲末大寒, 萬山載雪之時, 篝一紅泥暖爐, 爇吾本覺心香, 但書此序;輸吾赤誠! 唯願見吾講義之眾, 悉歸如來薩婆若海, 住自性常寂光中。 到那時生佛緘口, 法界空絕, 豈非暢諸佛之本懷, 一切圓滿乎!


徹始徹終本來無, 皆大歡喜畢竟空。

當知念佛波羅密, 即是諸佛妙心經!






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