MASTER SHEN-LONG | Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 21
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Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 21

[Series of Master Shen-Long expounding on the Prajna Paramita (Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom) Heart Sutra]

Prajna (wisdom); if you do not put it into practice, you will never know how it functions.

To implement what? It is you need to have a purified mind.

If your mind is not purified of defiling illusion, you simply cannot experience that kind of internal state of tranquility, exempt from all external sensations. That kind of internal state of tranquility is not what is ordinarily spoken like calming down the mind. It is thought of moving or not moving completely does not initiate; the moment when there is no thought of moving or not moving, that which gives rise to a state of Samadhi (the highest inner state of the mind unmoved and undisturbed). This is a very deep kind of tranquility condition.

For instance, right now all of you here can use Prajna (wisdom) to perform observation on everyone, everyone is called the Five Skandhas (the five components of our existence) – “all material phenomena, feeling towards all material phenomena, the thoughts start from feeling, the mental formation from thinking continuously, and consciousness”.

Do these Five Skandhas exist? No, they do not exist.

Things that are non-existent are hard to explain. Five Skandhas – “all material phenomena, feeling, thinking, mental formation, and consciousness” are the phenomena of mind fluctuations.

From the last week to today, regarding to your mind, if you can slightly activate the function of omniscient penetrative ability to see all phenomena clearly, then you will have a somewhat different perception. You can experience for yourself how all phenomena will seem like illusory dreams and visions in bubbles. When you know, it is illusory dreams and visions in bubbles, then you know how to control it. This so-called control means you are not affected by it. Although you are not affected by it, you conduct matters within the scope of your duty very conscientiously and perfectly – this is the function of Prajna, also is Prajna Paramita.

Paramita is a Sanskrit term, and Sanskrit is known as the Brahma sound. What is the Brahma sound? It is the language of Brahma Heaven. Some of the spoken language of ancient India is also called Sanskrit.

Where is Brahma Heaven from?

Where are humans from?

When the Earth formed, beings of Brahma Heaven descended to our Earth and visited out of curiosity. After they landed, they initiated thoughts of greed, and later could no longer fly again, so they stayed. This sounds like a fantasy story and seems like an impossible thing. However, returning to the subject, if you can have the skill of internal state of tranquility, precisely the moment you practice cultivation the profound Prajna Paramita, then you will be able to see the true facts about the universe.

The original condition of human beings at the beginning on Earth was from the Heaven of Brahma, from the Heaven of Abhasvara (Light and Sound). We often speak of the combination of light and sound; therefore, when you look at the Divine power of all religions, or Buddha Bodhisattva, they all use light as a form of representation. The colors of these lights are all different, which represents different purified conditions in the mind – this is very important.

Why does it relate to Paramita? Paramita can be translated as crossing over to another shore. This shore is the suffering sea; we cross to the other shore with happiness and without afflictions – that is the description of it. Therefore, Prajna Paramita is “using wisdom to cross over to the other shore, using wisdom to detach afflictions”. After you have wisdom, then no afflictions will be produced. After you have already seen the true facts of the universe clearly, what possible afflictions would you have?

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如果你的心不清淨的話,根本沒有辦法去體驗那種「定」的狀態。那種「定」,不是我們普通一般講的:你的心靜下來;它是動和靜了然不生 – 都不發生任們作用的時候,所產生的一種「禪定」。這個是很深的一種心裡清淨的狀態。譬如:我們現在在座的各位,大家都在這裡,如果你是用「般若」的狀態來觀看大家的時候,在座的人都是什麼?都叫「五蘊色、受、想、行、識」。











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