MASTER SHEN-LONG | Restoration Of Enlightenment Power 覺能復興
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Restoration Of Enlightenment Power


The self-nature of all living beings possesses the supreme enlightenment Prajna wisdom power inherently, to be named as Enlightenment Power!


Currently we use this enlightenment power during art creativity life. To begin to influence the temperament unobtrusively and imperceptibly among the masses, to comprehend the ultimate essence of universal truth and the facts of all living things, to understand clearly and knowing all sentient beings possess originally enlightenment nature’s Prajna (wisdom) as well as the infinite merits and virtues, which is non-produced and non-perished, one has never lost it. It is merely because of one’s inverted views and delusions are without realizing it. 


Now if you can let go of your attachments, discrimination, delusional thought gradually, one can then eradicate the confusion and become enlightened, to exploit your own enlightenment power; improving destiny, enriching this life on earth, upgrading your sphere, entering Buddha’s insight; one can resume the infinite virtuous power of self-nature’s essence. To create a joyful world of truth, purity, enlightenment and wisdom; to return to the supreme incomparable joyfulness and having attainment of an endless life. If enabled for everyone to be this way, would not here also be the Buddha world’s Pure Land. This is the deep meaning in regards to Restoration of Enlightenment Power. Also, that is our convenient special raft for liberating all beings.


Here to wish the masses can all stride toward the great brightness; to attain the sphere of being master of one’s self fully and in Great Perfection. Fortunately, one does not let down one self’s original spirit and that is all. A smile!


However, one who wishes to attain this sphere should understand my two creative works: The Enlightenment Power Mind School and Manifesto Of Using Enlightenment Power And Ability In Art Creation. If you can understand clearly their outstanding aim, naturally you will see the source personally, to free yourself of worldly worries and ties, and attain perfect Bodhi (enlightenment).