MASTER SHEN-LONG | The Enlightenment Power Mind School 覺能心宗
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The Enlightenment Power Mind School


By means of the inherent disposition of all living things in the universe’s self-nature sincere mind, with enlightenment nature wisdom power as the main purpose, can be called, “The Enlightenment Power Mind School”! Again, because Patriarch Shen-Long founded this, it can also be spoken of as, “Shen-Long Mind School”. 


My school liberates all beings, teaching them to comprehend the ultimate essence of things—their original true mind. It resumes the infinite merits and virtue of one’s self-nature, thoroughly seeing one’s own original family treasure. It is completely integrated without hinderance, to attain the state of nothing to be attained!


Precisely it is stated as: 


This enlightenment everyone has inherently, this power is certainly a natural instinct; 

This true mind originally gathers the public mind, this main purpose embraces all aims!


This true mind is namely the “Dao”—the natural order of the universe. It fills up to the sky and stuffs down to the earth, it creates heaven and begins the earth! Undetectably it is asserted within our six sense-organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind) consciousnesses; there exist no aspect of life and death, it is profound, eternal, modest and serene. People cannot see it; however, its nirvana merits and enlightenment virtues are endless, everlasting and never extinguishing! I am making known that these deep meanings are revealed to all living beings who have sincere minds, yet after one’s life and death reincarnation, is it or is it not the sincerely minded one? All living beings have the power, is it not an enlightenment powered one? 


If not; then one’s spirit enters the abyss of worldly suffering, and it is difficult to get out. 

If yes; then one can soar beyond the heavens, to have endless long life and joy!

At the end of observing a person’s delusion or enlightenment, it submerges, ascends, flies or falls, all follows the mind!

The Enlightenment Power Mind School of mine is not light, not material, not all; yet again it is namely light, namely material, namely all!

Do not blame the Gods, do not accuse other people, do not misinterpret, do not raise doubt. 

The “Dao” is enlightenment, it is power, that is the mind, that is the aim (school)!

Enlightenment; that is not enlightenment but is named as enlightenment!

Power; that is not power but is named as power!

Mind; that is not mind but is named as mind!

School; that is not school but is named as school!

Who can tell the way (Dao) of my Enlightenment Power Mind School? 

The one who knows the Dao can be told is not the eternal Dao can! 

Who can name my “Enlightenment Power Mind School”?

The one who knows the name can be named is not the eternal name can! 

In Buddhism, only all Buddha can tell! In Daoism, only Lao-Zi can tell! 

In Confucianism, only Confucius can tell! To name is also the same way!

The Enlightenment Power Mind School; that is Buddhism, that is Daoism, that is Confucianism! 

“Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism” are not “Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism”, but are named as “Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism”!


Do you not see the “Mind School”, is not the “Mind School”, but is named as the “Mind School”! 

The mind can be named mind, is not the eternal mind; the school can be named school is not the eternal school!

The Enlightenment Power Mind School; that is not the Enlightenment Power Mind School but is named as the Enlightenment Power Mind School! This is to be what the Enlightenment Power Mind School is! A smile!

Someone asked, “What way can one use enlightenment power in art creation?”

I smiled and said, “In simple terms, everyone inherently has enlightenment nature’s wisdom power to create everything, which is named as Using Enlightenment Power In Art Creation. This enlightenment nature can create all phenomena, it is neither created nor can perish, it is unmovable like the absolute truth. Yet whatever one creates will pass into eternity and will not perish, it is endless existence. 

Do you not see: 

Art, that is not art, but is named as art!

Talent in art can be named as talent is not an eternal talent.  Skill in art can be named skill is not an eternal skill. 

Fitting to this enlightenment nature’s wisdom power to create art is called “Using Enlightenment Power In Art Creation”. 


Here, Using Enlightenment Power In Art Creation, it is one of the greatest ingenious functions of the Enlightenment Power Mind School! The sincere mind and main purpose take part in art creation to bring out innate qualities, to complement one other and is effective; that is the supreme merits and virtues of the life in the universe. Today I put forward these confidential instructions and incomprehensible meanings by the human mind universally; yet I wish for the ordinary ones, sages, ignoramuses and virtuous ones who are either at home or abroad to enjoy it together!” Ending with these words, there are still people who have not understood, I at once ask them to read a few of my humble writings, they naturally will understand clearly about it as well.

























君不見心宗 ;即非心宗;是名心宗!