MASTER SHEN-LONG | Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 20
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Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 20

[Series of Master Shen-Long expounding on the Prajna Paramita (Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom) Heart Sutra]

Today, especially regarding the word Prajna in the title of the Sutra, if you do not understand it, the following sutra text will be harder for you to understand.

What is the core of the Heart Sutra? It is the key to infinite brightness.

Therefore, when we chant Amitabha:

“A” means infinite.

“Mita” means quantity or capacity.

“Bha” means enlightenment.

You may say it represents a Buddha’s name, or it represents all Buddha’s names of ten directions from “past, present and future” of the universe, or it is the name of our self-nature. Therefore, when you chant Amitabha daily, it is to remind you not to forget that you have infinite brightness, infinite wisdom, infinite supernatural abilities, and infinite life span; also, it is to remind you of why you have become this way today?

Therefore, this name of Amitabha has countless and boundless functions, the only principle is for you to chant it with full sincerity. Chanting it with full sincerity does not mean to chant 24 hours a day; it means to have a mind purified of defiling illusion. Even though you chant one time is enough, this is very important.

To explore and study Dhyana (Zen) or learning about Esoteric Buddhism is the same way; you must control your distracting thought and delusional thought, then you will be successful. Therefore, the true cultivator does not practice superficial formality, nor how many sutra recitations, nor how many times you bow to the Buddha, nor how much money or things when you make offerings, nor how much you practice giving. It is rather that you can truly understand thoroughly and truly let go all.

In fact, speaking bluntly, practicing of giving should be giving all your afflictions away. Throwing out afflictions first is more important, otherwise everything else is idle chit-chat.

Today in summary, the most important thing is that everyone needs to do it; I think you all know how. You have now been sitting there for more than an hour, some are starting to get a bit tired, some cannot sit steadily, some are starting their delusional thoughts, and some are beginning to understand a bit; the thoughts of everyone are very clear. I wish that every one of you will seize your limited life to chant Amitabha to verify into that Infinite Life.

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>>Click here to read the full series of Master Shen-Long expounding on Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra